Metaforia is a made up word.

Here’s how this works:

I have a prism on my window sill. I ordered it from some corner of the Internet that sells science class supplies, in hopes that it would remind me of what I wanted to be: something that filters the world around me, picks it apart, and puts it back together in a way that lets everyone see how freaking beautiful it is.

Thing is, the prism only works when the light hits it just the right way, at just the right time of day.

Sometimes I feel like that too; I have nothing to say, no beauty or wisdom to offer, unless the moment hits me just so.

But I’m not a prism. I’m a person. If I want to show the world its own beauty, I can just decide to.

All this is a grandiose way of saying…

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In addition to writing on the internet, you may know me as the host and producer of the Sweet Valley Diaries podcast, or as a screenwriter and playwright, or as a wallpaper enthusiast, movie lover, baker, singer, covert church person, etc. I’m just trying to live an interesting life, tell good stories, and help out where I can. Sometimes I’m funny.


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